PHYSITEK Devices, holding de FONDIS Electronic, est un groupe de distribution de solutions innovantes en instrumentation scientifique, spécialisé en instrumentation portable depuis trente ans.


Les événements clés


PHYSITEK Devices is founded following a governance change. Bioritech’s activities are integrated with PHYSITEK Devices. FONDIS Electronic becomes a PHYSITEK Devices subsidiary.


FONDIS Bioritech becomes manufacturer. Since FONDIS has worked with home inspectors for more than 15 years, the company has identify their needs. Thus, FONDIS has designed and manufactured the first french lead in paint analyzer.


Acquisition of Bioritech, water analysis specialist. FONDIS Electronic becomes FONDIS Bioritech.


One of the reference in handheld X-ray fluorescence is selled by FONDIS Electronic. Since then, the company has signed exclusive distribution agreements with innovative Norht American, German and Japanese companies that have become world leaders.


The ultra-thin micro-analysis window appeared in France.


FONDIS Electronic was founded in 1982 by Jean-Pierre ELLERBACH. The company carefully selects singular instruments. Also, FONDIS Electronic committed to handheld instrumentation.