Our mission

PHYSITEK Devices and its subsidiary FONDIS Electronic manufacture and distribute measurement instruments. Our team is focused on customer needs and is always studying the latest innovations to increase our portfolio. Our goal : Offer benchtop and handheld instruments to increase productivity and enhance quality.

Evénements clés

Our customers

Real estate diagnosis
Lead paint inspection, Asbestos detection, electricity, Gas controllers…

Measurement and control systems
Portable material ID, PMI, Coating thickness measurement, Mining and geology, Plastic and RoHS control…

Drugs and explosives identification and trace detection, Concealed threats detection…

Water analysis : Chemistry, TOC, BOD, COD, Raw material testing, Industrial process analysis…

Our strategy

Our sales team is able to visit our customers everywhere in France to understand their needs and to offer customized solutions.

Our technician team is able to manage all after-sales service as soon as possible. They validate and qualify instruments and they train our customers in the use of instruments.

Our commitment
Deliver products and services with the best quality. PHYSITEK Devices and FONDIS Electronic are certified ISO 9001 :2015


Our two largest shareholders are InnovaFonds and BNP Paribas Développement.
PHYSITEK Devices has a subsidiary named FONDIS Electronic.

Key Datas

80 Employees
27M revenue in 2019