Niton DXL

XRF analyzer for precious metals

  • fast, easy to use
  • accurate
  • non destructive
Technology used : XRF | Fluorescence X
DXL Brand : Thermo Scientific
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With the daily changes in precious metal prices, inaccuracies in testing can significantly affect your results. The Niton DXL spectrometer identifies the composition of jewelry and other precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and their alloys) in seconds. It provides accurate & reliable results to determine the value of samples and ensure a fair transaction. It is very easy to use: place the sample, press the button. In a few seconds, the chemical composition is displayed and you can print or send the analysis report.


X-ray fluorescence, a non-destructive technology

The Niton DXL X-ray fluorescence technology provides highly reliable and above all non-destructive analysis. In contrast to traditional acid, touchstone or grinding test techniques, this method does not damage the samples and they do not lose their value.

Detecting gold plating with AuDIT™ technology

The Niton DXL spectrometer is able to determine the presence of gold plating on a non-gold substrate. Although limited to the thickness of gold typically used in the jewelry industry to plate items, AuDIT™ technology accurately confirms the presence of the following

Vermeil (gold-plated silver)
Gold-plated copper
Other non-gold substrates


Precious metals trading

Purchase and resale of jewels, lingots, numismatics


Niton DXL
Technology XRF
X-ray tube 45 kV, Ag Anode
Detector High performance Si-PIN semi-conductor
Dimensions 396 x 206 x 265 mm
Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions of the analysing box 172 x 133 x 184 mm
Analysis area 8 mm
Power Lithium-Ion 7.2 V battery
Electric consumption 80 µA
Display Color touchscreen
Camera onboard CCD
Security Protection of users against X-rays
Sotftware NDT Thermo Scientific
Data storage +10 000 résultats avec spectres (128 Mo)
Accessories 7.2V lithium-ion battery pack; 110/220 VAC adapter; USB cable; data transfer software; adhesive for sample stabilization; Mylar windows for replacement
Optional accessories 3 mm small area focus function; additional battery pack; external battery charger; reinforced carrying case with lock
Compliance CE, RoHS


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