XL2 XRF analyzer

Handheld xrf analyzer

  • Fast
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Compact and lightweight, the Niton XL2 portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer allows you to perform basic measurements in an instant and directly in the field or in the workshop. It identifies and displays in less than 5 seconds the chemical composition of materials in a non-destructive way. It is very easy to use. Just point and shoot to obtain an analysis without having to prepare a sample. It is very versatile, capable of analyzing up to 25 elements to meet the analytical challenges of many industries, including metals, environmental, and quality control. Data is stored, transferred and the software allows for customizable reports.


Basic analysis at your fingertips

The lightweight and compact Niton XL2 XRF analyzer can be used directly in the field or shop to measure all types of materials without sample preparation. Simply point and pull the trigger to get a result in seconds. This rugged device has been designed to withstand and last, even in extreme environments such as scrap yards.

Rapid identification for the metal industry

Thanks to its advanced technology, the Niton XL2 analyzer is able to know the exact chemical composition of nickel and cobalt based metals, copper, brass, bronze alloys, titanium and precious metals.

It offers an immediate and non-destructive analysis of metal waste such as scrap metal and catalytic converters. But also for the analysis of metals and jewelry alloys.



Metal sorting, precious metal analysis


Soil and mining analysis


RoHS, consumer goods plastics


PMI, quality control


XL2 XRF analyzer
Technology XRF
X-ray tube Anode Ag de 45 kV max, 80 µA max
Detector Si-pin High performance semiconductor
Range of analyzed elements CL to U
Analytic modes avaiable Alloys, soil, painted products, cusotmizable mode on demand
Dimensions 256 x 275 x 100 mm
Weight 1,53 kg (without battery)
Power Rechargeable lithium ion battery (6 to 8h autonomy)
Electric consumption 100 µA
Display Coloured touchscreen
Memory 64 Mo/ internal user storage space 128 Mo
Data storage > 10 000 résultats with spectras
Connexion USB, Bluetooth, RS-232
Processor ARM 11 400 MHz, DSP dédié à 300 MHz, DSP ASICS 80 MHz pour le traitement du signal
Security User password
Standard accessories Reinforced carrying case with lock, reinforced belt holster, two six-cell lithium-ion battery packs, 110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adapter, PC connection cables (USB and RS-232), Thermo Scientific™ Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) PC software, safety strap, test samples/standards
Optionnal accessories Portable test stand, stationary test stand (bench top), mobile test stand, welding mask, soil analysis protection
Certifications, compliance CE, RoHS


AuDIT | Gold plate detection
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