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MicroPHAZIR Asbestos

Asbestos handheld detector

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Non-destructive
Technology used : NIR | Near Infrared
microPHAZIR Brand : Thermo Scientific
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Improve the accuracy of asbestos surveys by performing non-destructive measurements directly in the field, it is possible with the MicroPHAZIR portable asbestos detector. This NIR spectrometer identifies 3 types of regulatory asbestos fibers (Chrysotile, Amosite, Crocidolite) using a comparison algorithm of the spectra recorded in its internal memory. If one of these mineral forms is identified, the device displays it on the screen in only 7 seconds. MicroPHAZIR Asbestos is also available with an optical fiber, an essential accessory to perform measurements on difficult to access materials.



Detecting and identifying asbestos

Robust, light and ergonomic, the MicroPHAZIR Portable Asbestos Spectrometer accompanies you on your travels and allows you to detect and identify the 3 types of asbestos in a few seconds. The fiber optic probe allows you to carry out analyses even in the most cramped places.


Home inspection

Asbestos surveys


Asbestos risk prevention


MicroPHAZIR Asbestos
Technology Near infrared (NIR)
Detector InGaAS
Optic resolution 1 nm
Limit of detection 3% asbestos (by mass)
Parasitic light < 0.01%
Measurement interface Diffuse reflectance
Weight 1.2 kg
Connexion USB
Display 3.5 inch LCD colo screen
Power Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (4h autonomy)
Charging time 3h max.
Measurement time 7 seconds
Calibration External standards
Light source Tungsten bulbs (2 years)
Operating conditions 0 à 50°C
Warranty 1 years
Accessories Carrying case, 2 batteries + charger 110/220 VAC, USB cable, external standards
Optionnal accessories Probe (optic fiber)
Software Phazir Graph


The MicroPHAZIR asbestos portable spectrometer is delivered with the PHAZIR Graph software which allows the retrieval of results and the
reports to document the realization of the surveys for the clients.


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