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FS3700 – Flow Solution

Flow solution automated chemistry analyzer

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Diversified applications
fs3700 Brand : OI analytical - a xylem brand
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FLUX SOLUTION FS 3700 is a highly efficient and scalable multi-parameter benchtop instrument. It can measure several critical parameters such as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus and silica, TKN, etc. The unit comes standard with two detection boards, each capable of supporting photometric, amperometric, ion selective electrodes and third party off-the-shelf detectors. This provides flexibility to adapt the methodology to research or quality control processes. It is equipped with modern glass-free analytical circuits.


Flexible & modular

The unique modular design of the FS 3700 makes it a superior flexibility system. Different flow methods can be run simultaneously on different channels of the system. Including SFA (segmented flow analysis), FIA (flow injection analysis), iSFA and SFIA.

A variety of preconfigured cartridges and advanced detectors can be used. Multiple systems can be linked to provide additional channels of analysis simultaneously.

Validated methods

OI Analytical validates the hardware configuration and performance of each method supplied with the FS3700 analyzer, providing users with a complete analytical solution. The instrument uses interchangeable, pre-assembled cartridges for maximum versatility and ease of use. Methods for aqueous samples, soil or plant extracts are available to support environmental compliance monitoring, process optimization and research applications.

Data recovery and export

The FS3700 comes with an intuitive software solution. Data retrieval and export is via USB, making the FS3700 the easiest to use and most cost effective way to measure the following chemistries in a wide range of application areas: nitrate and nitrite in milk, ammonia nitrogen, available cyanide, low level phosphorus, silica, total dissolved nitrogen, sulfate…


FS3700 – Flow Solution
Analysis Module 1 or 2 chemical analysis channels per chassis
Analysis Module Dimensions L 79 x P 45 x H 27 cm
FS 3700 Dimensions with 90-position Autosampler L 112 cm
FS 3700 Dimensions with 360-position Autosampler L 131 cm
Weight 19.5 kg, typical for analysis module and pump, two injection valves, chemistry cartridges, detector modules
Injection Valve 8 or 10-port switching valve with chemically-inert wetted surfaces
Photometric Detector 420-880 nm, with PEEK path lengths of 5-, 10- or 20-mm
Amperometric Detector Silver working electrode, silver/silver chloride reference, stainless steel counter electrode
In-line Heater Included as needed, mounted underneath chemistry cartridge user programmable in 1 ̊C increments
UV-digestion Module Included as needed, mounted underneath chemistry cartridge
Peristaltic Pump 24-channel, fits on top of analysis module
Autosampler 90-position, X-Y-Z (90 samples + 9 standards) 360-position, X-Y-Z (360 samples + 10 standards)
Tubing FEP Teflon® and EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Manifolds / Fittings Polysulfone
Analysis Methods / Documentation Validated chemistries for specific analytes / sample matrices with performance data
Operating Software FlowView
Operating System Windows® 7, Windows® 8, 8.1 and 10
Data Collection 6 channels per instance of software. Multiple instances of software can be run on a single computer
Connexion USB
Power Supply 24VDC universal switching power supply for operation with 90-250VAC 50/60Hz source
Power Requirements 110VAC/60 Hz or 230VAC/50 Hz
Certifications CE Safety EN 61010-1 EMC Immunity & Emissions EN 61326-1:2006


FlowView software is designed to streamline scheduling, operation and reporting from the FS 3700. The user interface is intuitive to simplify navigation and help new users quickly become self-sufficient.

  • On-the-fly sequence editing and calibration monitoring
  • LIMS compatible import/export with customizable report generation
  • Peak detection algorithms, baseline management and report correction
  • System configuration and method parameters are archived with the data in each result file


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