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Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer

TOC Analyzer

  • Low IDL
  • High speed
  • Compliant
cot1030 Brand : OI analytical - a xylem brand
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The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer uses the persulfate chemical oxidation technique to analyze organic contamination levels in liquid samples with reliability and accuracy. The instrument can be programmed and calibrated to analyze samples containing organic carbon at levels as low as 10 ppb and as high as 30,000 ppm at a rate of up to 300 samples in 24 hours. The reaction chamber is automatically and thoroughly rinsed between each analysis to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. This procedure also ensures that a low background is maintained, which is essential for very low TOC levels.


Test Methods Supported

  • Standard Method 5310C – Drinking Water / Wastewater
  • USEPA 415.3 – Drinking Water
  • USP <643> / EU 2.2.44 – Purified Water
  • ASTM D 4779 – Ultrapure Water
  • ASTM D 4839 – Wastewater, Seawater
  • USEPA-DBPR – Disinfection Byproduct Rule
  • USEPA-SPCC – Spill Prevention & Control Countermeasures
  • ISO 8245 – Drinking Water, Wastewater
  • EN 1484 – Surface & Ground Waters, Potable Water





Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer
Operating Principle Heated sodium persulfate oxidation
Measurement Technique Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection
Measurement Range 10 ppb C – 30,000 ppm C (multiple calibration ranges or dilution required)
Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) 2 ppb C
Operator Interface Color LCD touchscreen display with Windows® CE-based software
Operating Modes Standalone (Windows® CE), PC-controlled, or LAN/ LIMS network connectivity
Basic Software Single instrument operation with data transfer to PC
Optional ATOC Software Network LAN/LIMS operation, data management, custom reports, and 21CFR11 compliance
Autosampler 88 position rotary autosampler designed to fit directly underneath Aurora 1030W analyzer
Sample Injection Manual syringe, sipper tube, autosampler, or multistream at-line sampling module
Certification CE, EMC: EN61326 / Safety: IEC 61010-11 2001
Reagents Required Sodium persulfate, 5% phosphoric acid, rinsewater
Sample Injection Volume 10μL – 10mL
Method TC Acid and persulfate reaction
Method TIC Acidification with Phosphoric acid and sparging
Method TOC NPOC by heated persulfate oxidation or TC-TIC
Heating Adjustable to 100 ˚C in 1˚C increments
Repeatability 2.0% or 2 ppb, whichever is greater
Linearity ± 1% FS or 2% relative, whichever is greater
Sample pathway Color coded Teflon® tubing
Sample handling Syringe with isolation loop to prevent contamination
Gas Supply N2 (99.998%), zero-grade air, or O2 (99.998%)
Power Supply Variable voltage, 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 950W
Dimensions H 42,5 x L 49,5 x P 41,9 cm
Dimensions – Aurora 1030 + 1088 Autosampler H 66 x L 49 x D 59 cm
Weight – Aurora 1030 + 1088 Autosampler 15.4 kg


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