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Hapsite CDT

GC/MS Chemical identification system

  • High sensitivity
  • Portable and compact
  • Intuitive interface
Hapsite CDT Brand : Inficon
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Designed for military and civilian response teams, the Hapsite CDT portable GC/MS mass spectrometer identifies and quantifies chemical threats directly in the field. It provides accurate, lab-quality results in just minutes for rapid threat assessment and decision making. Its new portable sampling system allows users to deploy more quickly and analyze multiple samples on site.  Its highly intuitive interface was developed for both novice and experienced users. New users can be trained in minutes to collect samples and share results.


Detectable chemical agents

  • Pharmaceutical based agents (PBA)
  • Fourth Generation Agents (FGA)
  • A/Novichoks series
  • Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA)
  • Industrial Toxic Compounds
  • Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Explosives

Handheld sample collector

The Portable Sample Collector is a closed vapor concentrator and allows for instant sample collection and storage. Small and lightweight, this accessory works with cartridges that can be decontaminated and reused.

Split or non-split injection

  • Drug analysis
  • SVOC analysis
  • Organic solvent analysis
  • Liquid and solid sample preparation kit

Service module

  • Optional maintenance accessory
  • Provides an alternative vacuum source
  • Extends the life of the non-evaporative pump (NEG)
  • Service module compatible with Hapsite CDT and Hapsite ER


Hapsite CDT
Technology GC/MS
Mass Analyzer Type Quadrupole
Mass Range 10-424 AMU (1-424 AMU in SIM Mode)
Dimensions 513 x 504 x 200 mm
Weight 19.2 kg (batterie incluse)
Start Up Time < 15 min
Power 24VDC Ext Power, 28VDC LI-Ion Battery (autonomy 5h)
Entrées d'échantillons Air cartridge, syringe injector
Operation conditions 0-45°C | 5-95% relative humidity
Connexion 802.11G, USB, GPS, Ethernet
GC Column Restek RXi-5ms 10m x 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 um
Maximum Column Temperature 220°C
Carrier Gas Nitrogen
Vacuum System Non-evaporable getter (NEG) pump/ion pump and optional mechanical pumping accessory
Libraries AMDIS w/ configurable targeted library. NIST, NIOSH
Certifications CE, IP65
Warranty 2 years included
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