Razor Mk ii | PCR analyzer

Biothreat identification

  • Portable
  • Fast results
  • EPI compatible
Razor Mk II Brand : Biofire
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Designed for field use, RAZOR Mk II enables frontline responders to combat bioterrorism and identify biological threats. It uses Real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology to detect various biological agents that are dangerous to humans. For analysis, Razor Mk II requires minimal sample preparation and a simple protocol with ready-to-use reagents for use by non-specialized personnel. It provides results in less than 30 minutes to allow for quick response and immediate decisions.



Laboratory in the field

Portable and lightweight, the Razor MK II is a true ultra-compact laboratory that can be easily deployed in the field. It provides results in 30 minutes and displays a simple response to detect the biothreat for immediate decision making.

Detection of the biological threat

The Razor Mk II PCR analyzer requires minimal and very simple sample preparation. The various patented reagent racks are available according to the threat scenario and ready to use. Simply take the sample and inject it into the reaction chamber to detect up to 10 pathogens simultaneously:

B. anthracis, Q fever, Ricin, C. Botulism, Smallpox, Brucella, Plague, Tularemia,
E. coli O157, Salmonella.



Razor Mk ii | PCR analyzer
Technology PCR
Laser Blue excitation laser (470 nm)
Set up time ≤ 5 minutes
Run time ≤ 30 minutes
Emission detection TaqMan® Probe (530 nm) and HybProbe® (690 nm)
Heating bloc 2 separate heating blocks for ultra-fast cycles (56 °C to 64 °C and 86 °C to 94 °C)
Dimensions 254 x 114 x 190 mm
Weight 4.9 kg (battery included)
Connexion Bluetooth
Power Rechargeable battery pack
Power supply 24Vdc 6.25A Output | 100 - 240V, 47/63 Hz, 2.5A, 150W input
Power cable 110 V, 220 V
Operating conditions 0°C to 40°C
Storage conditions -20°C to 60°C
Accessories Battery Recharger, Power Supply, Battery Pack, USB 2.0 Data Cable, Air Filter Assembly, Operators Manual, Quick Guides, Hard Carrying Case, Plunger Twist-Tool, Tool Kit.
Languages French, english, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, korean
Certifications CE, UL, GMP, ISO 9001


RAZOR Mk II | Bio Detection System (HAZMAT Demo)
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