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MicroNIR OnSite W NIR spectrometer

Raw material identification

  • Non destructive
  • Immediate results
  • Versatile
MicroNIR OnSite-W Brand : Viavi
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Identify and quantify a particular material at the touch of a button? It is now possible with the MicroNIR OnSite W near infrared spectrometer: a miniature, ultra-lightweight, wireless analyzer for instant quantitative & qualitative analysis directly in the field. MicroNIR OnSite W analyzes the spectrum of materials. It can be used to solve analytical problems in many industries (pharmaceutical, food, chemical, security), whether the materials are solid or liquid, translucent or colored, MicroNIR OnSite W analyzes them all, even through containers. The results can be viewed in real time on cell phones, tablets or PCs.


Analysis directly in the field

The design of the MicroNIR OnSite W makes it ideal for performing analysis directly in the field or at the manufacturing site. Compact, rugged and ergonomic, the MicroNIR OnSite W spectrometer is battery powered and connects wirelessly to a tablet or PC. It is small and lightweight, and features IP65 and IP67 ratings that make it dust- and waterproof to stay performing in outdoor environments.

NIR analysis for multiple applications

MicroNIR Onsite W measures the absorption of light in the near infrared by the sample in order to process the spectral data to identify and quantify the components of the sample. This non-destructive analysis method is used in many fields for various applications such as: identification of raw materials upon receipt in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry, quality control of finished products in the food industry, characterization of plastics, and even identification of narcotics.

Analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

With the MicroNIR OnSite W, quality control of incoming raw material batches can be performed directly upon receipt, even through plastic packaging. This eliminates the need to transport samples to the laboratory and speeds up the flow of goods.

The container information is linked to the measurement result via a barcode reader. The software can be installed according to pharmaceutical regulations (USP, EP, 21CFRp11). Detailed IQ/OQ documents are available. A suitable installation for a strictly regulated environment.



Raw material identification

Feed and food industry

Analysis on grain, meat and daily products


Polymers and chemicals identification


Narcotic identification


MicroNIR OnSite W NIR spectrometer
Technology NIR (near infrared spectroscopy)
Illumination source Two integrated vacuum tungsten lamps (Lamp life: >40,000 hrs)
Sample working distance 3 mm from window optimal, 0-15 mm
Dispersing element VIAVI linear variable filter (LVF)
Detector 128 pixel InGaAs photodiode array
Wavelength range 950 – 1650 nm (10,526 – 6060 cm-1)
Pixel-to-pixel interval 6.2 nm for 950 – 1650 nm
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM) <1.25% of center wavelength, 1% typical (e.g., @1000 nm, resolution is <12.5 nm)
Analog-to-digital convertor 16 bit
Dynamic range (Max) 1000:1
Measurement time 0.25 – 0.5 sec
Signal-to-noise ratio 25,000
Integration time 10 ms typical, minimum 10 µsec
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB
DImensions 194 x 47 mm
Weight <250 g
Power Rechargeable Li-ion battery , not removable
Export data formats CAMO .unsb, Grams .spc, ASCII .csv
OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Minimum screen resolution tablet/PC application 1920 x 1080/1366 x 768
Software compatibility MicroNIR Pro 3.0 and above
Qualified PC Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (tablet or PC)
Operating conditions −20 ~ 40°C (noncondensing)
IP rate IP65,IP67, MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
Compliance FDA 21 CFR Part.11, GMP, USP, European Pharmacopoeia
Warranty 1 year


MicroNIR Pro software has features for data acquisition, calibration and method development, user management and real-time prediction.

The developer can process data and create comprehensive chemometric models using regression and classification algorithms, including PLS, MBSD, SMV and PCA analyses. Batch mode predictions on stored data are supported. MicroNIR Pro also includes instrument performance qualification and tools for compliance with regulatory requirements. An enhanced interface is available as an option for integration with process control systems.

The system also includes the OnSite-W tablet application with a simplified user interface for real-time data acquisition and prediction in the field with a tablet using models developed with MicroNIR Pro.


  • Applicator

  • Droplet

  • Miniprobe

  • Sample spinner

  • Shaker

  • Side view vial

  • Tablet probe

  • Standards


MicroNIR Quick Start 1: Connecting the OnSite-W
MicroNIR Quick Start 2: Connecting the PAT-W
MicroNIR Quick Start 3: Acquiring spectra with MicroNIR Pro
MicroNIR Quick Start 4: Building a SMV classification model
MicroNIR Quick Start 5: Creating a method
MicroNIR Quick Start 6: Sample analysis
MicroNIR Quick Start 7 : Batch prediction
MicroNIR Quick Start 8 : Using the OnSite-W App
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