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MicroPHAZIR PC | Handheld NIR spectrometer

Plastic sorting

  • Rapid
  • Ergonomic
  • Non destructive
Technology used : NIR | Near Infrared
MicroPHAZIR PC Brand : Thermo Scientific
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The MicroPHAZIR PC handheld spectrometer identifies the chemical composition of various plastics. Simply point and analyze for accurate results in seconds. Its NIR (near infrared) technology allows reliable and non-destructive analysis to meet the analytical challenges of quality control in the plastics and recycling industries. The integrated library of MicroPHAZIR PC allows the identification of dozens of different polymers without any sample preparation.


Identification of plastics

MicroPHAZIR PC is capable of identifying a wide range of different types of plastics: PLA, PET, PP, PS, ABS, PI, PSO, PE, PPS, TPV, PTT, PC, PMP, PBT, PA, PETG, SAN, EVA, PB, PPO, CA, Nylon, PMMA, PUR, PI, PVC, PVA, PLA, ionomer, polyallomer, vinyl, styrene terpolymer, elastomer

Rapid analysis everywhere

Thanks to its NIR (near infrared) technology, the MicroPHAZIR PC analyzer allows non-destructive and reliable analyses to be carried out directly on the shop floor, throughout the entire processing chain: from the reception of raw materials to the inspection of the finished product.



MicroPHAZIR PC | Handheld NIR spectrometer
Technology NIR (near inrared)
Light source Tungsten light bulb
Spectral range 1600 to 2400 nm
Measurement time 1,5 sec
Dimensions 266 x 109 x 251 mm
Weight 1,2 kg
Power 2 rechargeables batteries lithium-ion (8h autonomy)
Display Coloured 3,5" LCD screen
Connexion Mini-USB
Operating conditions 5 to 50°C
Software Report editing
Security Password protection
Library Pre-installed plastic identification library
Accessories Carrying case, 110/220 VAC battery charger, USB cable, reporting software
Housing Dustproof and splashproof
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