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OA-100S | LIBS Analyzer

Handheld metal analyzer

  • Ergonomic
  • Rugged
  • No X-rays
Technology used : LIBS
OA-100S Brand : Ocean Applied
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OA-100S handheld analyzer uses LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology and enables metal recycling professionals to perform elemental analysis of metal alloys quickly and directly in the field to better sort them. Thanks to the power and concentration of its laser, the OA-100S measures the chemical composition of your sample and determines the name of the alloy in less than 3 seconds. Thus, it is a particularly suitable and accurate tool for the analysis and identification of aluminum matrices and light elements such as lithium (Li) or beryllium (Be), which cannot be analyzed by XRF analyzers.


Ergonomic and rugged

Small and lightweight, the pistol-shaped design of the OA-100S LIBS analyzer enables optimal one-handed operation. Thanks to the tilting touch screen, the results are easy readable, even outdoor. Perfectly suited for field use in harsh environments such as scrap yards, the OA-100S LIBS handheld analyzer is IP-54 rated, shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, for minimal maintenance costs.

Light elements identification

OA-100S handheld metal analyzer uses LIBS technology, which is more sensitive and better suited to identify light elements such as aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg) and beryllium (Be) which are not analyzable by spectrometers using the XRF method. OA-100S easily identifies the most common grades of aluminum – 1100, 6061 and 6063 – as well as aluminum (Al) and silicium (Si) based brasses and bronzes or beryllium (Be) in copper (Cu).

QuickID™ software

Chemical composition and grade identification is simple and easy to read with QuickID™ software. Results are displayed in a simple “match/non-match” format that alerts the user to the alloy identification, as well as the percentages of the various elements. You can quickly add new alloys into a customizable onboard library. With the onboard camera, you can capture images of the metal samples analyzed and transfer the data for reporting via USB or WiFi.

Drill Down sample surface preparation

The metal found in these types of industrial environments is usually dirty and oxidized. OA-100S features a patent pending Drill Down auto sample surface preparation capability. Users have the ability to ‘drill down’ dynamically and the analyzer will automatically burn through the common imperfections found in the metal to obtain a clean reading.


Scrap metal recycling

Metal and alloy grades sorting


Metal Fabrication


Positive Material identification (petrochemical, aerospace)


OA-100S | LIBS Analyzer
Technology LIBS
Laser 3B class (IEC 60825-1 compliant)
Dimensions 240 x 84 x 257 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Power 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (5h autonomy)
Library Customizable
Camera onboard, barcode reader
Connexion USB, WiFi, Bluetooth
Accessories Case, docking station, holster, lanyard, batteries, aluminum sample 7075
IP rated IP-54, MIL-STD-810G
Complicance CE, FDA 1040, ISO 9001:2008
Analyzed elements Li, Be, Mg, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ag, Sn, W, Pb, Au, Bi


  • Docking station

    Battery charger

  • Holster

    Safety and transport

  • 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries

    +10h of continuous operation

  • Aluminium check sample

    Calibration accuracy verification


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